Let’s start spreading Happiness

Aashayen Foundation” is not just an organization but a movement started by students who are moved by the sufferings of the people in the society around them. What we realized is that these sufferings are not just health problems or poverty but also the lack of education to a great extent and we have together joined hands to put the maximum efforts in getting rid of these issues and help the needy by fulfilling their desired needs and keeping education as our utmost priority.

What is Aashayen ?

Aashayen Foundation is a Non-Government , Non-profitable organization, that works for public welfare. The thought which inspired Aashayen is to fulfill the Dreams of those children who don’t have the resources to fulfill them. We are putting our efforts to give wings to their Dreams.

Who we are ?

We are not political people nor are we businessmen, we are those few common students who wish to bring a change in this big society of ours. Together, we are willing to help our people with the best that we can do for them.

Is this a Registered Organisation ?

Yes, Aashayen is a registered organization. Registered by the Registrar of Societies with Regd No: 02/42/01/20007/15. and it is even registered with NGO Register of Govt of India with NGO Id MP/2015/0093458.

What do we want to do ?

Our prime goal is to provide basic education to children and also to educate the elderly people about health care issues by conducting regular classes and counseling sessions in different areas, thus enabling them to take care of themselves with more consciousness of health issues. Apart from this, we are going to help them by conducting free medical camps in their residential areas.

Why school children need to be educated about Health Issues?

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. If they are educated, they would take care of themselves as well as their families and also the people around them.
And if we educate some 100 students about health care issues than 100 families would know about health related issues. Thus, in a short span, we can reach more people.

Who can join us ?

Anyone. Any person who is enthusiastic and interested in educating themselves as well as the society for no financial profit can join us.

What do you need to invest ?

All you need to invest is your Precious Time & Energy.